Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mystery Authors You should know

Hi, I am a librarian and I do programming with mystery authors and about
mystery genre books that are new and old favorites. Here is a list to get
you started with authors you may not know! Mysterygal

Authors You May Not Know (But Should!)

Black, Michael A. The Ron Shade series. Ron is a Chicago-area police officer.

A Killing Frost (2002)

Windy City Knights (2004)

Non Series Book: The Heist (2005


D’Amato, Barbara -- Barbara writes three series:

1). The Cat Marsala, freelance investigative journalist in Chicago, IL featured in:

Hardball (1990) Hard Christmas (1995)

Hard Tack (1991) Hard Bargain (1997)

Hard Luck (1992) Hard Evidence (1999)

Hard Women (1993) Hard Road (2001)

Hard Case (1994)

2) The Dr. Gerritt DeGraaf, a forensic pathologist in Chicago, IL, is featured in:

The Hands of Healing Murder (1980)

The Eyes on Utopias Murders (1981)

Additional Authors to be Added to:

Authors You May Not Know (But Should!)

D’Amato, Barbara (Continued)

3) the Suze Figueroa and Norm Bennis series, about a pair of cops in Chicago, IL, are introduced in: (1996) Authorized Personnel Only (2000)

And Non-Series books:

On My Honor (1989) (Written as Malacai Black)

The Doctor, The Murder, The Mystery (1992) (A True Story)

Good Cop, Bad Cop (1998) Help Me Please (1999)

White Male Infant (2002) Death of A Thousand Cuts (2004)


Newman, Sharan - Author of the Catherine LaVendeur Series. Catherine is a novice and scholar in 12th century France and she is
featured in:

Death Comes as Epiphany (1993) The Difficult Saint (1999)

The Devil’s Door (1994) To Wear the White Cloak (2000)

The Wandering Arm (1995) Heresy (2002)

Strong As Death (1996) The Outcast Dove (2003)

Cursed in the Blood (1998) The Witch in the Well (2004)

Non – Series Books: Guinevere (1981) &

The Real History Behind the da Vinci Code (2005)
(Non-Fiction 813.5409/New)

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